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Blanc's clerks translating for him into French the prac- tical and humorous wisdom of Mr. Bagehot's contributions to the Economist, from whom, by the way, the sentences about French Rentes in the passage we are about to quote might very well have been borrowed :— "I found him literally 'a counting out his money. At a bureau was a third clerk, an Englishman, translating into French for his benefit one of Mr.

The fall of Prince Florestan of Monaco

Bagohot's leaders in the Economist. He knew me at once, although ho had seen me but for a moment and in a wholly different dress. Bowing low, and speaking not to me, but to his clerks, he said, ' Qu'on none lame. Elle me comble en Tenant chez moi incognito. Blanc's mind running upon the question of whether English families would be most attracted to Monaco by pigeon-shooting or by an English church.

The church he fancied most, but owing to the opposition of Pere Police it would have to be built upon the hill a mile off from the Casino, in the territory of France. Expel the Jesuits, the tempter within me suggested ; but then I wasn't Bismarck, and I hadn't a 'national liberal' party at my back. I rapidly exposed my views to M. I was much struck by the fact that his practical mind insisted on viewing my reforms as questions not of principles, but of men.

Several times he used the phrase, 'Dr. Coulon is the only man you have.

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You are rich. Your people are contented. Why trouble yourself? As for works of art, as for theatre, as for orchestra, these things are matters of money, and I will do my best to help. I am not sure that as a mere investment they will not pay, and at all events I will do my best to make them do so ; but as for your reforms of army, church, and education that you talk about, I beg your Highness to leave it all alone. The shares in the bank will fall ten per cent, when it is known. My shares here are like the funds at Paris, they hate liberty.

The Fall of Prince Florestan of Monaco By Himself

The loss liberty, the higher they stand. It is just the same at Paris. Suppress a journal, and the rentes rise a franc. Suppress all the journals, and they would rise five francs! It remained for his heir to remedy the situation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Saint Nicholas Cathedral. Ancestors of Florestan I, Prince of Monaco Charlotte de Goyon, Countess of Thorigny 4. Antonio Grimaldi, Prince of Monaco 9. Louise Hippolyte Grimaldi, Princess of Monaco Marie of Lorraine 2.

Anton Giulio Brignole, 5th Marquis of Groppoli Giuseppe Brignole, 7th Marquis of Groppoli Isabella Brignole 5. Maria Caterina Brignole Francesco Maria Balbi, Doge of Genoa Maria Anna Balbi Maria Clarice Durazzo 1. Florestan I, Prince of Monaco Louis Marie d'Aumont, 4th Duke of Aumont Louis Marie d'Aumont, 5th Duke of Aumont Catherine de Guiscard 6.

Louis Marie d'Aumont, 6th Duke of Aumont Jean Baptiste de Durfort, 3rd Duke of Duras Louise d'Aumont, Duchess Mazarin Louise Jeanne de Durfort, Duchess Mazarin Charlotte Antoinette de La Porte Monaco: Ses Origines et Son Histoire. Imprimerie de Monaco.

Retrieved 2 December University of Lausanne. Metal: Copper. Diameter: Edge: Oblique milling Grained right. Alignment: Coin. Mint: Monte Carlo Mint. Minted Years: and Note: This coin has smaller head of Honore V.

This coin is slightly off-flan off-centered from both sides. Engraver: Borrel F. Mint Director during Francois Cabinas symbols are "C" and clasped hands. KM 50 centimes. Weight: 1.

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Metal: Aluminum-Bronze. Edge: Plain. Mint: Paris. Hercules shooting bow on his one knee in the center right. Engraver name is at the bottom left side "Edmond-Emile Lindauer". Mint marks on both sides of the shield. Thunderbolt mintmark of Poissy at left of shield. Mintage: , Minted Years: One year type. KM 1 Franc. Year: ND Metal: Aluminum.

Thickness: 1. Obverse: Crowned mantled arms flanked by value below. Reverse: Louis II portrait in the center with eye glasses facing left. Engraver "L. Mintage: 2,, KM a 1 Franc. Weight: 3. Mintage: 1,, KM 2 Francs. Weight: 2. Thickness: 2. KM a 2 Francs. KM 5 Francs. Date at the bottom. KM 10 Francs. Weight: 6.

Prince Of Monaco Rainier III - Biography and Life Story

Metal: Copper-Nickel. Edge: Reeded. Engraver "P. KM 20 Francs. Weight: Italian Consuls Antonio San Felice Nov - 09 Sep d.