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  2. Download PDF Slaes and Marketing for Small Business (Blakes Go Guides)
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And that means you could be investing more in growing your business. Rachel Miller explains. You must pay your workers in accordance with the law and with their contracts of employment. This Acas guidance can help you get it right. Many small businesses have fallen victim to hackers, viruses and fraudsters. Expert, Graham Walker, identifies the main risks and the key solutions. Editor's picks Article.

Offer The latest news for business owners and freelancers. Offer Get your free guides. Article Ten strategic imperatives for every business.

Tesla are the eco-friendly version of a high end market car like Audi or Lexus. So their price point accurately reflects that. Nobody that was on their way to the Toyota garage is going to stumble into Tesla and accidentally buy one. Your brand messaging, or brand marketing message is what you put out into the world to reflect your values, mission, story, and positioning.

Learn how you can start and benefit from an influencer marketing campaign.

Your brand messaging should translate the rest of your brand strategy into messages targeted at your specific audiences. Each of your audiences is likely to have a unique pain point, and your messaging should reflect that. Pardot by Salesforce have a great blog on developing your brand messaging further. They even provide a template to help ensure consistency across your other brand touch points. Your brand identity is often the first piece of the branding puzzle that everyone wants to jump into. This is often the point in a project where an agency that offers branding services is brought in to help.

This all tends to get wrapped up into a brand identity guideline document, which can live alongside, or within, your brand strategy document. But remember, your logo design and other items are not your brand.

Everyone needs a website for their brand, no matter how big or small, no matter how grand their vision. You should look to hire an agency that offers web design services to help roll your brand identity through your website. Or, work with an agency that offers both branding and web design.

Your website should display your brand identity and make use of your brand messaging to communicate your values, mission, and story to your target audience. So creating a content marketing strategy for your business is an absolute must when planning out your brand strategy. People come to you, and want to work with you, rather than you going to people and trying to sell to them. Content marketing is the first step in a great inbound digital marketing strategy, and I urge you to consider it as a building block in your brand strategy.

Apart from your website and content strategy, you need to consider the rest of your marketing materials. Your marketing materials are rarely printed pieces in this day and age, and again, you can have your chosen agency work on these for you. Then you need to track and record response to your brand. Are people loving your direction? Are you getting a lot of criticism through social media?

To provide the lowest comparative prices, they need to dominate on a global scale. To do that, they needed a brand that allowed them grow enormously. This then drives their advertising campaigns and marketing efforts, dictating when and where to place their ad spend. If the focus is on price, everything needs to be designed in a way that grabs attention, and puts price first.

To do that, they had to create a new Amazon sub-brand, as well as a brand identity, and marketing strategy that allowed them to roll it out to their audience. And again, the same thing happened when they introduced Prime Now. Another new sub-brand was born. This time, they change their colour palette, created a new app, rolled out a new logo, and again, hit the marketing hard. The huge range of products Amazon sell is irrefutable.

You can literally buy anything you like from their website.

14 Marketing Strategies For Small Business 2016

But to get to that point, they had to communicate their brand not only to their customers, but other retailers. It lets your business expand and grow, and acts as an accountability resource for when it feels like you might be falling off the wagon. Your brand strategy, incorporates your brand positioning. A lot of people get hung up on positioning and end up mistaking it for strategy. Yes, beans. Good old fashioned beans. In the UK, this is a selection of beans we have available at Asda aka Walmart and their respective per can pricing;.

Download PDF Slaes and Marketing for Small Business (Blakes Go Guides)

They actually have a label design, and look slightly better. And then Heinz. The people that price beans at the supermarket obviously agree that Branston are at the top of the mountain. Smart Price beans are targeted at super-low income earners. But they are an outsider choice. And on a level with Heinz. Heinz position themselves as the best of the best. And the British public agree. Heinz have been working on their brand positioning for years.

The Small Business Owner's Guide to Marketing to Millennials

It factors into every bit of their marketing. Remember, your brand positioning forms part of your brand strategy. And your brand strategy is the overall plan for the building and growth of your business brand. The key to creating a great brand strategy document, is to keep it lean enough to be readable, but in-depth enough to mean something.


You want something around the length of a short ebook. Your brand strategy is the foundation of your business. And it helps define the practical plan for rolling out your brand communication. Ask them to leave a comment, share your video, visit your website, watch another video, download a free resource, subscribe to your email newsletter, etc.

Never leave a viewer without a specific next step to take.

In order to get comments, ask a specific question then prompt them to respond in the comments. On YouTube, however, the data speaks for itself. Therefore, we can safely conclude that on YouTube, longer is better. In fact, after analyzing over 1. Like with text content, people want a comprehensive answer in one place. And a long video allows you to do just that. With that in mind, we recommend creating videos that are at least 5 minutes long.

If the top ranking videos for your target keyword are longer, you might want to create a video that is longer than those competing videos. The majority of the video marketers we reached out to have relatively simple and inexpensive recording equipment. Many of them created their first videos using only their phones and gradually purchased additional recording equipment as their audience and business grew. At a minimum, we recommend purchasing a high definition camera, a tripod, a microphone, and a lighting kit. For specific cameras, microphones, and lighting recommendations check out our list of recording equipment recommendations here.

YouTube is a search engine, and your ideal customers are searching for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. There are videos that have millions of views that were shot on an iPhone. As a marketer or entrepreneur, a better use of your time is creating and promoting videos. Every video has both an audio and a video component. Therefore, there are actually two types of editing that need to occur:.

What is Brand Strategy? (The 10 Step Development Guide)

The purpose of this step is to optimize what your viewers see. The purpose of this step is to optimize what your viewers hear. The audio quality of your videos should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, there are plenty of free and inexpensive options to choose from. Here are some popular ones:.

Notice his use of different camera angles, transitions, sound effects, background music, etc.