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Children contribute to the program by playing, singing and dancing along and the finale is a fun, participatory musical event. Hands on Drumming community drum circles are a great way to bring people together and give them an opportunity to really connect and have a blast together. No experience necessary and all ages are welcome! We have enough drums for up to 60 people.

Team building sessions are fun and engaging, giving everyone a chance to express themselves musically while creating group cohesiveness. My lyrics certainly are this way. I wanted people to see a clear distinction.

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But for me, this is pop that is meaningful. Yeah, the whole thing does kind of feel like a redo. This album is like my first album in so many ways. Even more importantly, to still be inspired. I think the key is remaining curious, open, and to hold on to who you are as well.

What do you mean by that? The idea of feeling like an outsider is what everything spawns from. Sometimes my happiness comes from that idea too. It dictates so much in my life, this feeling of not belonging, of having to forge a new path and get extra creative about really everything in my life. I learned that when I was a little kid, coming out to my parents, both of them being born again pastors of a church and not understanding me.

Those two songs really speak of that. Early on, you were afraid to come out to fans and be vulnerable. Do you find that that fear ever comes back? Well, when I was making the album I was touring a little bit and I ended up falling in love with someone that I met in Belgium. I just thought I wanted to be with this guy, so I completely uprooted my life in America and moved into an apartment in Belgium like a crazy person.

Jonny Pierce is reinventing The Drums - i-D

We had all these problems way too quickly and I found myself really unhappy. I was just so deeply in love that it was brutal. The whole thing was calling to me. Being curious about life. Steven tells Joe about: precociousness; opening for Black Flag at an eighth grade graduation party; the…. Robbins exhibits an exceptional gift for unorthodox yet unforgettable vocal melodies counterbalanced with jagged, angular guitar hooks. Aaron Harris comes from a family of ship builders. Although he broke from tradition to become a drummer, his drumming is finely crafted and architectural, evoking images of a sleek and efficient sea vessel.

Aaron tells Joe about: music as an escape; leaving his hometown; working as a bike messenger and at Boston institution, Newbury…. Sara is still playing with Nocturnal Habits and Hungry Ghost. Skateboarding and music have been forever intertwined. Hayden Menzies drums with a sense of controlled bombast; his beats are often as memorable as melodic hooks.

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He tells Joe about his musician parents; his tight relationship with his brothers; learning to navigate happiness; and balancing his work as a musician with his parallel career in visual art. Mindee Jorgensen experienced a devastating loss at an early age and found solace in music. A consistently adventurous artist, Mary Timony inhabits the intersection of virtuosity and experimental abandon. Mary tells Joe about: growing up in DC; becoming a musician in spite of her…. Craig Wedren is a Midwest native whose father owned a fast food chain.

He spent some time in DC, fronting the influential band Shudder to Think, while developing a career as a film composer, eventually moving to LA. Over the past forty years, Jay Bellerose has earned a reputation for musical excellence and rarified artistic integrity.

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He tells Joe about: growing up in large family in Maine; losing his father at a young age; working as a baker; the importance of being musically selective; and why he likes living at a deliberate pace. Over the course of three excellent albums, Aldous Harding has distinguished herself as an incredibly compelling songwriter with a singular voice.

Aldous and Joe discuss: impermanence, inner voices, the significance of standing up, and achieving exceptional feats as an ordinary person.

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Tucker discusses: his childhood obsession with baseball; recording and touring shortly after learning to play; working with a boy band after Thursday went on hiatus; and why planking is an essential part of his daily workout routine. The Zombies are, simply put, the greatest band in the world. Brooks Headley fell in love with music while listening to Dr. He talks to Joe about: having pragmatic dreams; being raised by an incredible, single mom; drumming for bands such as Universal Order….

To celebrate our th episode, past guest and friend of the show Patty Schemel returns, this time to interview Joe. Then, he answers listener questions. Thanks to all…. He tells Joe about: growing up in Illinois; being a late musical bloomer; how a bad experience turned him off from lessons; the challenges and rewards of playing in a band with his brother; working at Whole Foods; and escaping…. For 25 years, Zach Lind has carved a creative niche within the often rigid parameters of modern rock. Mona Tavakoli is a modern polymath whose impressive versatility and fierce creativity have resulted in a 20 year tenure in Raining Jane, along with collaborations with artists such as Jason Mraz, Ebi, and Pat Benatar.

Budgie has the rare ability to metabolize influences ranging from taiko to dub, from gamelan to punk to Indian classical, all into a singular, uniquely fiery artistic identity.

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His poetic sense of rhythm has graced recordings by a range of iconic artists, but he is perhaps known for his partnership with Siouxsie Sioux. Budgie tells…. This episode was recorded in and originally released in early Illinois band Hum created an expansive sound world, and Bryan St. Jason Gerken likes to party. He also has the unique ability to make unexpected musical choices sound natural and powerful. Jason tells Joe about: why his parents tried to prevent him from becoming a drummer; working with beloved KC bands Shiner and Molly McGuire; his day job managing a bar; a brush with death; learning….

blink-182 - Dammit (Official Video)

Nabil Ayers was born into a deeply musical family and began playing drums as a toddler. Eventually, he toured and recorded with bands such as The Lemons and The Long Winters, his experiences as a drummer serving as the foundation for what has become an impressively multifaceted career in the music business. Nabil tells Joe…. He discusses: overcoming social anxiety; working at California Pizza Kitchen; his largely unwavering musical confidence; how….

Parker Kindred has a supernatural gift of musical intuition. His intensely imaginative, lyrical playing style imbues the music with a deep hypnotic subtlety. Rob tells Joe about his early…. In this bonus mini-episode, Rob Ellis discusses his struggles with alcohol and the decision to become sober.

Brendan tells Joe about: growing up in New Jersey, his tiger mom, what it takes to play a choreographed pop…. Rat Scabies and his influential band, The Damned, were integral members of the fledgling UK punk community. A classically trained percussionist, Fay Milton possesses an adventurous compositional sense and keen sonic sensitivity that helped Savages become one of the most exciting, critically-lauded bands of the last decade.

Woody Woodmansey propelled the legendary Spiders from Mars to international stardom and helped the post-war generation escape the prison of banality. Woody tells Joe about growing up in Northern England; his life as a plumber and factory worker; how fate led him to discover music; writing music and touring with David Bowie; craving uncertainty; living….

225: Hugh Grundy (The Zombies)

Nate Wood has a gift for mastery when it comes to the mechanics of music; but he also possesses a creative clarity that transcends mere virtuosity. He talks about growing up in a musical family; his theory of genetic determinism; his approach to learning instruments; and how his new project, Four, might provide salvation when…. Formed in in New York City, Quicksand drew inspiration from the energy of their native hardcore scene.

Alan tells Joe about: growing up as a mildly mischievous kid on Long Island; the formation and…. He tells Joe about growing up in Lake Tahoe; his self-taught entrepreneur father; why art and academia feel at odds; why he never thought that he…. The Arctic Monkeys started out as more of an aspiration than an actual band—its members were teenagers who had just started playing their instruments. But—after gaining some online notoriety—the band was catapulted to massive popularity, releasing a string of number one albums in their native UK. Matt Helders talks to Joe about: growing up in….

He tells Joe about growing up in LA, his love of jazz, studying at UC-Berkeley, discovering punk, and his current creative focus—improvised comedy. Formed in Philadelphia in , The Dead Milkmen created a downright hillarious sonic universe that stood in stark contrast to their hardcore punk contemporaries. A great chat with one of the most compelling and unique drummers out there! He tells Joe about emigrating to the US from Lebanon, losing both of his parents at an early age, his tight relationship with his brother, the band dynamic of ATDI, breaking up just after breaking into the mainstream, Sparta, staying in a psychological….

Kate tells Joe about drumming for an early, punk-influenced version of The Beastie Boys; achieving popular success with Luscious Jackson; singing on Broadway as a…. All of these attributes contribute to his status as one of the most in-demand session drummers of all time.

Joe visited J. Pete Moffett cut his teeth in the DC punk scene, where he developed a signature style balancing angular inventiveness with oversized bombast. Dave Elitch has the rare ability to deconstruct the craft of drumming on a granular level. In this bonus mini-episode, actor Ezra Miller Justice League, Fantastic Beasts talks about harnessing anxiety for creative endeavors, diarrhea, and Philip Glass. This is an excerpt from an upcoming episode about actors who are also drummers.

Brian Blade burst on the scene in the early 90s and has since distinguished himself as one of the all time greats. Brian met with Joe in Chicago to discuss: his musical beginnings in church; how he developed his gifts as an artist; what he learned from his older brother, drummer Brady Blade; working with…. Rage Against the Machine is an exceptionally rare band that managed to combine a radical, populist message with massive popular success.

In , Michael Shrieve took the world by storm with his jaw-dropping performance at Woodstock. Karriem Riggins is a rare artist whose creative voice resonates in improvised music and popular music alike. Karriem spoke to Joe in front of a live audience at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs about: being born into a musical family in Detroit; his definition of greatness and mastery; working with established legends like Ray Brown….

He was Instead, Barrett and Joe have a conversation about the perception of time, the feminine energy of the universe,….

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