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Cthulhu's Caresses (Lovecraftian Erotica)
  1. 28 thoughts on “Latter-day Saint, Latter-day Lovecraft: an interview with W.H. Pugmire”
  2. Latter-day Saint, Latter-day Lovecraft: an interview with W.H. Pugmire
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28 thoughts on “Latter-day Saint, Latter-day Lovecraft: an interview with W.H. Pugmire”

He is growing a little more capable, a little more heroic. His voice loses its whiny tenor. He comforts, he directs. For the first time, we see Paul as a man. The Imbocans want Barbara for Dagon. I was covered-- It had all these-- oh God, it-- I was I couldn't breathe. Cthulhu fhtagn! Barbara is lowered into this mouth as Paul burns his way toward her, but he's too late.

Latter-day Saint, Latter-day Lovecraft: an interview with W.H. Pugmire

And their child will be immortal. The darkside of the mirror always threw our malice back I see the serpentine in your eyes The nature of the beast as revelations arrive Our screams shall trail to Angels For those damned in flames repay All sinners lose their lot on Judgement Day We should have cut our looses as at Calvary But our hearts like heavy crosses held the vain belief Salvation, like a promised nation Gleamed a claim away This is the end of everything Rear the tragedies That the Seraphim shall sing Old adversaries Next to Eve Now they're clawing back I smell their cumming As through webbed panes of meat Led by hoary Death They never left Dreaming sodomies To impress on human failure When we've bled upon our knees Tablatures of gravel law Shall see Gehennah paved When empires fall And nightmares crawl From the cradle to enslave This is the end of everything 8.

The scars will last until the stars Caught in Her train bewitched Fall into line and yeild the sign That Dawn in born to their eclipse For Our Inhumankind Comes an underdog day Sunrise Rippling with fire llike femaledition Wind amidst the flame I gazed out Tapped into the fog and shared her pain When in her mind she sought his leave And begged forgiveness I splintered Her coffin and lay on the floor Of a vault with Her clasped as the moon hugs the shore What treachery this that She breathed no more? Christ you bastard!

"The Shadow over Innsmouth" by H. P. Lovecraft / Cthulhu Mythos (9/14)

I wished Her back but the dead adored Her Even wild winds sang in chora for Her Saffron from my heart, from the start I swore We'd be together more Creation froze with the triumph of Death But still She stirred and awoke bereft Of concern save for the aeons left To lead the darkness She schemes of growing power and the lengths Sucked hard to get it I dream of being God but ever living to regret it Our fecund nature decrees that Jesus wept come for The Devil on Her knees To grant Her lows a remedy And mine desire's wish To taste thereof of Heaven's scent As sick and twisted as it is For Her corset laced with arsenic Hides snake curves within Her midst Whilst Her halo of white lies supplies Her temple to what God forbids.

I am assailed by a spectre profounder Than hatred and grief or the sum of their hideous crime I shalt suffer this confessional mime Awaiting the sun to set, crimsoning seas Only once it is dark doth my misery cease She died to a sky dressed in flame Eyes full of curses for her killers by choice Who fell to their god o'er her vision and voice "I am as dusk come to ravish the light" Steal me from their stares and mute christ into night "I will answer thy prayers" If thou Wouldst drink of my life All crimes should be treasured If they bring thee pleasure somehow Maleficent in dusky rose Gathered satin lapped Her breasts Like blood upon the snow A tourniquet of Topaz Glistened at Her throat Awakening, pulled from the tomb Her spirit freed eclipsed the moon That She outshone as a fallen star A regal ornament from a far flung nebular Her likeness hung in the black gallery Commanding unease Demanding of Death to breathe Midst the whirl and daylight fauna Of society at court Elizabeth bedazzled, Her presence sought applause Though Her torchlit shadow Thrown upon damp cellar walls Greeted nothing but despair from slaves Her nights enthralled Thirteen Winter solstices had shown Her path, that the dark Had marked its dominion Spaying the confessor Whose caresses she'd known, As whipcord in the House of Dog Her cold cunt meat on holy bone Raped of faith, She now embraced The narcissistic unrest frozen on the mirror's face With this disdain, inside these veins Highborn wanton that She was She sought to keep what age would claim Her soul was sold and for this toll Reeking pyres ever smouldered On the whims of one so in control Elizabeth, mysterious.

Lovecraft & Witch Hearts : Cradle Of Filth - Album's lyrics

Leaving serpents in office Inside every gate To lick righteous holes Blinding Lords to the fate Of virgins forced naked To defile on rent knees Hacked and racked backwards Menses choking their pleas "More. Twitching make me wet with thee Carcass rub me raw" Nostalgia grows Now times nine or ten Within this vice den called a soul Dying resurrection I dig deep to come again The spasm of orgasm on a roll I live the slow serrated rape The bucks fizz of amyl nitrate Victims force fed thair own face Tear stains upon the drape I should compare them To a warm Summer's day But to the letter, it is better To lichen their names to a grave Counting My years on an abacus strung With labial rings and heartstrings undone Dub Me Lord Abortion, the living dead The bonesaw on the backseat On this bitter night of giving head A sharp rear entry, an exit in red Lump in the throat, on My come choke The killing joke worn thin with breath Horrorscopes My diorama A twelve part so far psychodrama Another chained I mean to harm Her Inside as well as out A perverts gasp inside the mask I'm hard, blow My house of cards All turn up Death, Her bleeding starts In brute vermillion parts Now I slither through the hairline cracks In sanity, best watch your back Possessed with levering Hell's gates wide Liberating knives to cut Humanity slack My ambition is to slay anon A sinner in the hands of a dirty God Who lets Me prey, a Gilles De Rais Of light where faith leads truth astray I slit guts guts and free the moistest facces Corrupt the corpse and seize the choicest pieces Her alabaster limbs that dim the lit carnal grin Vaginal skin to later taste and masturbate within "My heart was a wardrum beat By jugular cults in eerie jungle vaults When number thirteen fell in My lap Lips and skin like sin, a Venus Mantrap My appetite whetted, storm crows wheeled At the blurred edges or reason 'til I was fulfilled Whors d'oeuvres eaten, I tucked Her into A grave coffin fit for the Queen of Spades She went out like the light in My mind Her face an avalanche of pearl, of ruby wine And stare, and stare, and stare, and stare.

THIRTEEN AUTUMNS AND A WIDOW Spawned wanton like blight on an auspicious night Her eyes betrayed spells of the moon's eerie light A disquieting gaze forever ghosting far seas Bled white and dead, Her true mother was fed To the ravenous wolves that the elements led From crag-jagged mountains that seemingly grew in unease Through the maw of the woods, a black carriage was drawn Flanked by barbed lightning that hissed of the storm Gilded in crests of Carpathian breed Bringing slaves to the sodomite for the new-born On that eve when the Countess' own came deformed A tragedy crept to the name Bathory Elizabeth christened, no paler a rose Grew so dark as this sylph None more cold in repose Yet Her beauty spun webs Round hearts a glance would betroth She feared the light So when She fell like a sinner to vice Under austere, puritanical rule She sacrificed Mandragora like virgins to rats in the wall But after whipangels licked prisoners, thralled Never were Her dreams so maniacally cruel And possessed of such delights For ravens winged Her nightly flights Of erotica Half spurned from the pulpit Torments to occur Half learnt from the cabal of demons In Her Her walk went to voodoo To see Her own shadow adored At mass without flaw Though inwards She abhored Not Her coven of suitors But the stare of their Lord "I must avert mine eyes to hymns For His gaze brings dogmas to my skin He knows that I dreamt of carnal rites With Him undead for three long nights" Elizabeth listened No sermons intoned Dragged such guilt to Her door Tombed Her soul with such stone For She swore the Priest sighed When She knelt down to atone She feared the light So when She fell Like a sinner to vice Under austere, puritanical rule She sacrificed Her decorum as chaste To this wolf of the cloth Pouncing to haunt Her confessional box Forgiveness would come When Her sins were washed off By rebaptism in white The looking glass cast Belladonna wreaths 'Pon the grave of Her innocence Her hidden face spat murder From a whisper to a scream All sleep seemed cursed In Faustian verse But there in orgiastic Hell No horrors were worse Than the mirrored revelation The She kissed the Devil's phallus By Her own decree Erotic Fiction: F.

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An erotic Lovecraft game has been funded on Kickstarter

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His sparkling eyes were the color of the sea. He had short locks of brown hair and his warm smile made me feel at easy right away, but what I liked most was his youthfulness. He was but an innocent child and I the femme fatale quickly approaching It was then I knew that we were meant to be together. He seemed so shy, and careful, as to not displease me, that I figured I should make the first move?